Fashion Preacher Editorial

Wassup Guy! I guess the inspiration for this look was obvious. If you are still having trouble, today I am inspired by priests, and preachers. What I love about this look is the cut and color. Black is the most fashionable color and it looks good on anyone. the pop of white in the color offers a nice contrast. But what takes this look to the next level is the Yummy glasses, have you pick yourself up a pair yet? Why not? GET THEM they are amazing! Anyway the last part of this look is the hat which adds a youthful touch while maintaining a sense of class.

Hat: *+SAIKIN straw floppy hat plain (Modified size and color)
Shirt: [CT] Favorite Polo Shirt (Design by Jackson Baily)
Collar: Adjunct – Bow Tie (Modified appearance and color)
Bag: ~plank couture~ ES – Le Missionnaire ShoulderSack
Pants: Adjunct – Slim Fit Trouser – Black
Shoes:Adjunct – Lace-Up Boot – Black


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